I help overwhelmed CEO’s suffering from frustration and uncertainty regain control and grow their business

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Keith Kruger

Hi, I’m Keith Kruger. I have successfully run my Coaching / Consultant Business for the past 16 years.
I have helped both CEO’s and Business Owners take their performance to the next level via my business strategy, sales training and management skill sessions.

One recurring theme through all this is how overwhelmed the person at the top normally is.
Being top dog is a tough position and you need to lead by example - this is easier said than done.

No matter who you are we all suffer times of fatigue and frustration and this quickly leads to stress and even burn out if you are not careful.

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Why I can help you

As a firmer CEO and now Business Owner I know exactly how it feels trying to run a company or small business and make it successful.

I can still hear myself thinking out aloud, “Do you really know what you’re doing” when faced with numerous decisions and uncertainty on a daily basis.

Being top dog is a lonely position and you are expected to have all the answers.
One of the big problems is when faced with big decisions who do you talk to?

Yes you can talk to your management team or peers but they are more likely to agree with you. In addition you have to display an air of confidence and not hint at your uncertainty and indecision.

I recall times when at home with my wife and family I was there physically but in reality far away still at work not hearing what they were saying. Then feeling frustrated and angry with myself for not paying more attention to the family.

The stress of the job took over my life and nearly led to complete burn out. I was juggling far too many balls in the air and I was losing control.

After my coaching business had been running for 2 to 3 years I realised that I was not alone in feeling this way.

Many CEO’s and Business Owners we’re experiencing the same doubts, frustrations and uncertainties in their organisations.

Initially I developed a 12 month program to help CEO’s and Business owners regain control of their lives and grow their businesses. This program was fairly successful but if truth be told I was not entirely happy with the results. The program was too long and it also took too long to get results.

This led me to adapt the program and cut it down to 6 months. The results improved and most of my clients were happy - but I wasn’t. I wanted All my clients to be happy.

After speaking with my clients, together we developed my flagship program:

The 90 Day Intensive which enables you to take back control of your life and grow your business.

If you find yourself in the situation where you’re feeling overwhelmed caused by being:

  • Lonely
  • Frustrated
  • Uncertain what to focus on and do next
  • Stressed trying to do too many things

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